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About Us

Whole Hog NLR brings a unique approach to the BBQ table. Our owner-operators, husband and wife team Rich Cosgrove and Nancy Green, have been fascinated with smoking and curing meat for almost 40 years, competing on a World-Championship barbecue team for most of that time. In 2007, their hobby got out of hand; thus, Whole Hog Cafe, North Little Rock was born.


Today, we barbecue around 3 tons of meat each week, prepared and cooked just like we do in competition. Our "Slow Food" approach makes Whole Hog the hands down favorite in this part of the country, consistently winning every Reader's Poll and 'Best of' award in these parts. You see, for us, the way we do barbecue is a metaphor for life, an extension of our philosophy- low, long and slow, manic attention to detail, mindfulness at every step- total focus on excellence.

We start with the freshest, premium cuts of meat, hand rub and trim each piece, cure it till it's just right, then slow-smoke it over pecan wood, carefully managing the process as the alchemy unfolds. We treat each piece like we're going for another World Championship. Come in and ask for a pit tour and see for yourself how the World's Best Barbecue is made.


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