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Whole Hog North Little Rock has Beef Ribs!

If you’re a lover of all things BBQ you have got to check out our big, juicy barbecued beef ribs. We’re talking Fred Flintstone big here. In fact, they are so big that some people can’t even finish just one rib.

These giant hunks of meat got added to our menu after our pitmaster extraordinaire, Rozchea Butler, expressed the desire to do a beef rib. Naturally, we looked to the expert, Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ, who runs one of the most well known barbecue joints in the nation and is the winner of a James Beard Foundation Award. After six tries to find the right raw product, and seven test cooks, we finally modified the recipe to get it just right.

To our knowledge, Whole Hog North Little Rock has the only barbecued beef rib available anywhere in central Arkansas. They are only served on Tuesdays and are available until we’re out— and we always run out.

Our beef ribs are truly wicked, but don’t take our word for it. Come in to Whole Hog Café in North Little Rock and check ‘em out for yourself. See you on Tuesday!

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