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Red’s True Barbecue: A Religion of Meat

People have been asking: “So who are the dudes in the picture at the top of this page?” These fine, English gents are the founders and owners of one of our favorite barbecue joints in the world— Red’s True Barbecue, in Great Britain.

Red’s, whose first location opened in Leeds in 2012, offers a range of American barbecue dishes, including pulled pork, beef brisket and spare ribs. Since then it has opened outlets in Headingley, Manchester, Shoreditch, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

The restaurants have a tongue-in-cheek evangelical theme. Employees describe themselves as “believers,” the restaurant locations are called "places of worship," and the company's tagline is “Let there be meat”.

Every year the company’s founders, James Douglas and Scott “Red” Munro, make a “pilgrimage” across the southern states of America to seek culinary inspiration, which is how we caught up to them. The boys visited Whole Hog North Little Rock in 2013, and we had a grand time talking barbecue. They are truly some of the coolest guys to ever smoke a piece of meat.

Check out some of their truly outrageous menu items on the Red's True Barbecue website. And, hey, if you’re ever in jolly old England, stop in for a real treat!

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