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Ask the Owner – What’s this about Paleo?

So, what’s all the flap about the “Paleo Diet?” It’ pretty simple, really: our bodies haven’t changed much in over 200,000 years (some scientists say 2.6 million years); but our access to new food sources has changed drastically.

As a result, humans have begun to develop obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases associated with consuming unhealthy foods in great quantities. Put simply, Paleo , named for the Paleolithic or “Stone-Age,” is a way of approaching nutrition as our bodies were designed to.

What did the Paleo man eat and why?

He did not drink milk because it was impossible for him to milk wild animals. He ate no cereal grains, he did not salt his food and he used no refined sugars or sweeteners, except possibly honey when he could find it. Wild animals were the main source of food for the Paleo man. His diet was rich in protein and low in carbohydrate. All carbohydrate came from fruits, berries and vegetables without starch, making his fiber intake very high.

For the modern man looking to follow a paleo diet, this means eating whole foods, lots of veggies, meat, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. It also means no to eating processed foods, most grains and sugar (in any form). No calorie-counting, no complex formula, just eat what’s good for you in any quantity and avoid what’s not.

My personal Paleo journey

As a lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast and endurance athlete, I became interested in the Paleo lifestyle when my wife brought home a copy of “Paleo Magazine.” I thumbed through it and said: “Hmmm, seems to make sense.” So I gave it a shot. In five months I lost almost three inches in my waist, dipped down to single-digit body fat, and most importantly, I feel great. That was almost three years ago; and I haven’t looked back.

Eat Paleo at Whole Hog NLR

Here at Whole Hog North we offer a virtual cornucopia for the Paleo-conscious eater: Our meats are loaded with healthy proteins and fats; and we have delicious salads made with romaine, butternut and redleaf lettuces, arugula, spinach, field greens, carrots and grape tomatoes. Pair any one of our succulent smoked meats with this hearty and nutritious garden salad, and, voila – you have a super nutritious meal.

In fact, get a plate with any of our meats, plus some coleslaw and a tossed salad or our fresh fruit salad, and chow down to your heart’s delight. Full disclosure: you will have to avoid rolls, buns AND our World-Famous potato salad – sorry! You can also try a bowl of our new gumbo or our now locally-famous chili. There it is, a caveman’s (or woman’s) delight!

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