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Movin' On Up

You may have heard the rumors by now – and they’re true! Yep, we are moving. Last year we bought the old Applebee’s building just up the road from where we are now, towards McCain Mall. We’ve been under construction for the past five months and plan on being in the new location before October 1.

Obviously we’re very excited about the move. In addition to being a cool space with lots more parking, we’ll have a covered, heated and cooled patio. Plus, you might actually survive trying to get over and off the service road to get here! Other upgrades at our new space include:

  • More designated curbside and takeout parking spots
  • Designated pickup entrance and counter
  • No-touch easy pickup for paid in advance orders
  • Ability to place orders from a phone
  • Expanded seating in waiting area
  • A bar, with six local beers on tap
  • Ability to run a tab
  • Customer-facing checkout screens
  • Much larger parking area, with spaces 360 degrees around the building so no long walks from your car
  • Covered AND uncovered patios (uncovered patio is dog-friendly!)
  • Two drink stations

In the meantime, we’re featuring Adopt-A-Pig – a charity fundraiser to sell most of our current “Pig Art” which, unfortunately, we won’t have room for in the new location. Here’s how it works: Pick out a treasure (picture, statue, whatever) that does NOT have a green dot sticker on it (keepers) and make us an offer. OR just tell us why you can’t live without it.

All proceeds go to charity. Take home a little piece of Whole Hog North Little Rock.

Stay tuned for more updates on the move!

Adopt a Pig

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